Customer Showcase

Sticker Mule

Demonstrating an Ordering Process

Sticker Mule shows people how to order custom stickers with this upbeat explainer video

Sticker Mule is an online store where anyone — 3rd graders and large companies alike — can upload their own designs and have them transformed into stickers. For many prospective customers, the biggest hurdle is going through the unfamiliar process of ordering custom stickers online. With the explainer video above, Sticker Mule walks people through the whole process, making it seem easy and fun.

In their own words:

“Our CFO’s daughter wanted to make custom Valentine’s Day stickers for her classmates. Using Sticker Mule, and a little help from her mom, she was able to snap a photo of her drawing and upload it to Within about a week, she had the coolest custom Valentine’s Day stickers ever. Stories like these are not only fun to hear, but they can also be very effective marketing tools. We built a custom landing page specifically for this video, which features a prominent play button. This has led to an 81% play rate. And the story behind the video has helped it score an 84% engagement rate. While the video and the page itself are great, we recognize that it’s not right for our entire audience (for example, big companies with vector images). With this in mind, we’ve been selective in choosing the audience we want to target for this video. In order to drive more traffic to this page, we are coordinating with social, email, and advertising. If you have kids, watch out, you might be the target of a future Sticker Mule marketing campaign.”
Jeremy Wick
Head of Video, Sticker Mule