Demonstrating the Perfect Landing Page

Unbounce’s founder, Oli Gardner, explains the mechanics of a stellar landing page.

Unbounce allows marketers to create beautiful web pages without any coding. In 2014, Unbounce started a monthly live stream called Pagefights, where the company’s co-founder, Oli Gardner, and other digital marketing experts critiqued submitted landing pages.

After Pagefights ended, Unbounce instead launched a 12 episode series called The Landing Page Sessions. They focused on actionable insights for the pages, and were able to show the Unbounce product in the process.

In their own words:

“The show gained a lot of traction with marketers and received tons of great feedback. Our goal was to collect 1000 new emails and 25 new product signups from The Landing Page Sessions within 3 months of launch. We crushed the goal with 2,300 leads and 88 new product signups. To help put these results in context, our marketing team also ran 4 live marketing webinars during the same 4 months the Landing Page Sessions episodes were released. Compared to our webinars, which had previously been our top customer acquisition channel, The Landing Page Sessions generated 87% more product signups than all 4 webinars combined. In short, this was one of the highest performing campaigns Unbounce has ever run. This campaign was successful for a number of reasons. It allowed us to share content in a more humanized, personal way. It enabled us to create delightful videos that showcased our product in a way that enabled viewers to picture themselves using it. But it also allowed us to empower our audience by giving them the freedom to choose when they wanted to consume our content. And our viewers thanked us with their business.”
Felix Cha
Videographer, Unbounce