Explaining Show & Tell

Once a week, we gather everyone at Wistia for the old, kindergarten classic: Show & Tell. This company-wide meeting is a great opportunity to share work, learnings, and congratulate other fellow Wistians for jobs well done.

This video lives on our Jobs page, and gives applicants an insider’s perspective of our daily lives in the office.

In their own words:

“During one of our Show & Tell company meetings, we shot some general b-roll of the goings on. Immediately afterwards, we wrote a script based on what we captured. Show & Tell is one of the things that makes Wistia feel special. It allows us to, even as we grow, highlight the smaller individual wins and failures we experience. It also allows for greater cross-team visibility in the process. Having this short video affords outsiders or potential job candidates an intimate look inside this very special weekly meeting.”
Chris Lavigne
Video Team Lead, Wistia