How AlayaCare Increased Video Views by 900% with Wistia Channels

Learn how centralizing video assets with Channels helped AlayaCare increase video views, generate leads, and measure the impact of video efforts.

Founded in 2014, AlayaCare is a provider of cloud-based home health care software that serves three markets in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Megan Yam, AlayaCare’s Video Marketing Specialist, focuses on the strategy, production, and execution of video marketing to raise awareness for the brand.

We spoke with Megan to learn more about how Wistia Channels helped AlayaCare centralize their video assets and analytics, and increase their video views by 900%.

The Problem

Prior to using Wistia, AlayaCare used YouTube and Sharepoint to host and share video assets. However, their content experience was less than ideal with ads and unrelated content. With video assets scattered across their website, there was also no easy way for folks to find and navigate video content.

YouTube also offers very limited analytics, which meant there was no way to tell what videos were resonating with their audience or what videos were driving business goals. They realized they needed a video partner and a spot to have all of their videos in one place.

“As a hyper-growth company, we realized we needed a video partner to take our strategy to the next level.”

The Solution

When it came to getting their videos all in one place, Wistia Channels centralized video assets and analytics. They were able to add HubSpot forms right in their videos to streamline lead generation and scoring. And, the ability to export stats with the click of a button also made it super easy for their team to see how videos in a Channel were performing.

“With the Channels feature, we are able to customize our videos and organize them into different categories. And in doing so, we feel like the user experience is so much better. There are no ads, and once someone finishes watching a video they’re automatically served the next video.”


By centralizing video assets and creating a better content experience, AlayaCare has seen a 900% increase in video views since switching to Wistia.

Now, the AlayaCare team can use native forms to drive leads and quickly analyze video data to inform creative decisions. By closing the loop on experience and performance, AlayaCare is able to create better connections with their audience and better understand and meet their needs with video.

“We have about a 900% increase in video views on our website. A big part of that has to do with the fact we now have a Channel where we can put all of our videos.”