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How a Craft Beverage Software Company Benefits from Video and Wistia Channels

Learn how Orchestra Software is using Wistia Channels to display their most valuable video assets to customers and prospects.

As the craft beverage industry continues to explode in popularity, an all-in-one business management solution called Orchestrated transforms the way breweries everywhere operate behind the scenes. Based in Portland, Oregon, Orchestrated handles everything a brewer needs to successfully run their business. Hyper-focused on craft beverage manufacturers, Orchestrated serves craft breweries, distilleries, cideries, kombucha, juice, soda, coffee, and other “drink-smiths” out there. Whether it’s purchasing inventory, managing accounting, packaging, or sales distribution, their suite of software products provides a single source of truth for a beverage business’s data.

So, how does Orchestra Software spread the word about their incredible software? Well, they create a variety of demo and testimonial videos and bring those marketing assets to the forefront of their website with a Wistia Channel. We chatted with Keegan Chamberlin, Demand Generation Specialist, and Dani Lakeberg, VP of Customer, to learn more about why videos are among some of their strongest and most compelling marketing tools and how they’re using them to advance their business in the craft beverage industry.

Proving value with testimonials and product demos

At a regional level, craft beverage companies tend to think of each other as neighbors (figuratively, and sometimes, literally!). They often chat about what’s happening in the industry, share tips and tricks of the trade, and swap stories. With this in mind, Orchestra Software knew that if they interviewed some of their customers, other brewers in the industry may recognize the businesses being featured and feel more comfortable reaching out to them for more information about using the product.

Thus was born the idea of creating customer testimonial videos for their website. To facilitate the creation of these videos, the company started sourcing customers who attended their yearly conference in Portland called Orchestrate. Now, six years later, Orchestra Software has tons of great customer testimonial videos as well as product demo videos under their belt. These videos give prospects an in-depth look at the software itself and even help their sales team close deals.

Both testimonials and demo videos help move prospects along the buyer’s journey. However, Orchestra Software realized they needed to invest even more in the medium to support their brand.

Showcasing their videos with a Wistia Channel

When Orchestra Software began sharing videos on their site, OrchestratedBeer, their video page was admittedly a little outdated and click-heavy. To make matters worse, actually showcasing videos on their site in a way that suited their needs was a pretty time-consuming process. In the past, they’d first upload their video to Wistia, customize it, and then create a whole new page for the video to live on that then pointed back to their main video hub. For a company without a ton of development resources, this can certainly put a strain on your workflow.

Now, with Wistia Channels, Orchestra Software can easily showcase videos on their site the way they like while also saving themselves some time. Keegan said, “Uploading a video is as easy as dragging and dropping it into our Wistia project. The video is then immediately available on our Channel for all our website visitors to see. Wistia Channels eliminates the 2nd and 3rd step of our older process for uploading videos, saving us so much more time.”

The Wistia Channel featured on their OrchestratedBeer page — one of their core products — provides a sleek-looking display and a beautiful experience for the viewer, making it easy for customers and prospects to understand the value they bring to the table. Since making the switch, Keegan said, “Our play rate is up 46% on our Wistia Channel compared to the old video page we made specifically for videos on our website.”

“Our play rate is up 46% on our Wistia Channel compared to the old video page we made specifically for videos on our website.”

They’ve also cleverly used Sections in their Channel to organize each row by subtopic, showcasing everything from blog videos, like How Storytelling Can Differentiate Your Brewery, to a video series called Learn More About OrchestratedBeer, which features testimonials from breweries across the US and how OrchestratedBeer helps them do their job more efficiently.

Digging deeper into the data

Aside from using a Wistia Channel to showcase their testimonial and demo videos, Orchestra also wanted to be able to closely track viewer engagement. With Wistia Analytics, they’re able to view Engagement Graphs and see where people drop off during testimonial videos. This feature also helps them analyze other audience trends like rewatches and interactions. Keegan said, “Engagement graphs helped us understand what we should be focusing on in our future videos, and what information might positively impact our potential prospects.”

Another feature Orchestra is taking advantage of is Wistia’s HubSpot form integration. Dani said, “Since using the integration, our form submissions from videos have increased by 20%,” which helped prove to the company just how important video truly is to their market. Prospects want to see how Orchestra Software’s all-in-one business management solution can transform their brewery, and video helps them do just that.

“Since using the [HubSpot] integration, our form submissions from videos have increased by 20%.”

Using video to bolster their brand

For this software company in the craft beverage space, using videos to showcase the value their software brings has been a super helpful tool to have at their disposal. Dani and Keegan emphasized how these days everything on your website is analyzed by prospects — no matter what industry you’re in. Luckily for Orchestra Software, they’ve made the investment in ensuring their videos are both easy to find and beautifully displayed on their site.

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