How Kinedu Uses Video for Child Development

How a parenting support platform uses video to give parents the tools to further their child's development.

I first ran into Kinedu in, of all places, the Wistia support inbox. They were having trouble implementing video in their mobile app. While this can sometimes be a somewhat sticky wicket, we quickly solved the issue and were able to better delve into more interesting topics, like what they actually do!

Kinedu is a parenting support platform that provides parents with a plan of activities to help further the development of their children, and often, those activities are supported by video! Think Baby Einstein, but for parents, too. Kinedu also helps parents keep videos and other documents to track child development highlights. Cool, huh?

Because of their unique ideas and fast growth, we thought we’d interview them and pass the findings on to you! If you’re interested in trying Kinedu out, you can download the app or learn more on their website.

What would you say that your business is and does?

Kinedu provides moms and dads with a personalized developmental plan of activities for their children in the most important periods of their development, up until they are 24 months old. The activities recommended are based on the child’s development in each of our four developmental areas, cognitive, physical, linguistic, and social-emotional, and are accompanied by cool short videos that model each activity.

What are the benefits of using online video the way you do?

Video is an incredibly powerful tool to get moms engaged — and make their lives easier by modeling the activities that might otherwise be difficult to understand. Videos make the educational message even more compelling!

A video is an improved pedagogical tool over notes, images, or text. With videos, we can show exactly what we want parents to do, and we can use supports such as on-screen content and off-screen content (namely audio queues) to drive our message further.

How do you plan to use video in the future?

Video could be used to give moms feedback about specific milestones that their kid might or might not be completing. Moms could upload several different types of video, such as an action where they think a milestone has been accomplished, or a video of mom and baby doing an activity. Then, we can show these videos to experts and provide feedback so parents can have better interactions with their children. Homemade user-generated videos for these activities might be a possibility as well!

What are some of the ways that you differentiate your business?

Our videos definitely help differentiate Kinedu — we’ve worked hard to make them both fun and functional!

Our personalization is another thing we are proud to say differentiates us. We now have over 800 milestones linked to over 500 activities; this allows our algorithm to better select activities for parents and their babies.

Kinedu is unique in that it truly takes into account each baby’s level of development and experience in order to provide the best content out there! Our goal is to be able to have a larger impact on a child’s development by tailoring the program exactly to his or her needs.

What are some of the Wistia workflows that you find most useful?

The analytics provided by Wistia have proven to be incredibly useful. They give us a clear idea of where users are pausing our videos, and which videos are more attractive. We’re using all of this data to make our next set of videos even better!

We love the heatmaps — they let us know if users are skipping certain sections or viewing them in detail. That helps us to see what type of content users love the most and find most useful. Also, the times the video has been played and the number of overall views let us know what users want. All of this info has been incredibly helpful in designing the next batch of videos.

How do you use video to model activities that might otherwise be difficult to understand? Have you used analytics to improve your future video content like Kinedu does?