Saying Goodbye to Email Subscribers

HubSpot discourages people from opting out of their emails with this humorous video.

If you rely heavily on connecting with your audience via email communication, having someone unsubscribe from your list can feel like they’re, well, breaking up with you.

This video, which is featured on HubSpot’s unsubscribe page, captures that sentiment perfectly.

In their own words:

“The idea behind the unsubscribe video was showing someone in the midst of a breakup doing everything possible to keep the relationship together. Ultimately, our goal was to let people know that if they liked our content but wanted fewer emails, they could still sign up for our social feeds. We found a corner of the office to film in, and we spent about 30 minutes ad-libbing the script. The video still generates a decent amount of buzz. People regularly retweet it, which is probably more publicity than most companies get from people opting out of their email campaigns, and we were covered in PR Daily for creating "The Best Unsubscribe Video Ever.” If there’s a lesson in all this, it’s that no piece of content is trivial––every interaction someone has with your brand is a chance to create something shareable.”
Dan Sally
Inbound Marketing Specialist, HubSpot