Customer Showcase

Niche Modern

Showcasing a High-End Light

Niche Modern uses stunning videos to convey the artistry and care behind each light they make.

Niche Modern sells high-end, modern lighting products. Each item is “made, not manufactured” in their 20,000 square foot factory in Beacon, New York.

Photos can only go so far to demonstrate unique designs and shapes. That’s why Niche creates gorgeous videos to show off the artistry and care behind each light that they make. The video above showcases the Ellipse line of pendant lights.

In their own words:

“Video is a core part of our strategy at Niche, as it most beautifully captures our process and the magic behind glass-blowing. We try to communicate as much as possible with video, as it helps our customers understand why they are paying a premium for products that are manufactured with love and care domestically. With each video, we are really trying to increase our level of sophistication. With our most recent videos, we have slowed things down considerably in the pacing to show the poetic nature of the process, even using 240 frames per second on the Sony FS5, which shows certain aspects gorgeously and heroically when those brief moments are frozen in time.
Jeremy Pyles