Customer Showcase

indiGO Auto Group

Showcasing Your Staff

indiGO Auto Group highlights several members of their team in this intro video.

Let’s face it, car dealerships — and car salespeople, in particular — have to put up with a lot of perception problems. Even a luxury-brand car dealership like indiGO Auto Group, which runs 10 dealerships throughout California, Texas, and Missouri, has their fair share of stereotypes to overcome.

That’s why indiGO set out to create a video that presented their team members in a way that stood in contrast to how many people view car dealership employees.

In their own words:

“We felt video was the best medium for showing our employees’ views and feelings, both of which come across clearly on-screen. The success of this video comes from the diversity and unity of the indiGO Auto Group staff. Overall, the video shows how indiGO Auto Group has differentiated itself from our competitors by going above and beyond our customers’ expectations, and we tried to let those elements come across organically on camera.”
Courtney Newton
National Director of Variable Operations and Digital Marketing, indiGO Auto Group