Giving a Product Overview

Slack provides an in-depth tour of their product in this charming screencast.

Slack is a messaging application that has experienced massive growth since its launch in 2013. They have over 3 million daily active users and around 10,000 new users signing up every day.

With that many new potential users assessing their product on a daily basis, the folks at Slack needed a scalable way to teach people about their app’s features and benefits. Slack worked with Thinkmojo, a video production company, to produce this charming product tour video. With over 1 million views, this video is clearly worth the investment.

In their own words:

“After conducting a lot of user feedback, Slack found that many users kept asking a basic question: How will the product actually help me? So Slack approached Thinkmojo to help answer this question. Working closely with the Slack team, we created a simple yet engaging 2-minute video that walks you through what Slack really looks like. It’s a concrete example of how Slack can help your team, and it’s delivered in a fun, lighthearted way that mirrors the actual user experience on Slack. Early on we made the decision to steer away from factual, instruction-based content and focus more on strategic narratives. So instead of talking about how to use a feature, we focused instead on why you’d want to use that feature. From there it really was a matter of finding the right balance between providing valuable tips, while also keeping the tone lighthearted and playful. The marketing department at Slack uses both quantitative and qualitative feedback to measure the video’s success. They’ve received really positive feedback from users on Twitter, as well as from their Accounts team that works directly with customers.”
Joel Goobich
Director of Business Development, Thinkmojo