How Bamboo HR Teaches Candidates About Their Unique Hiring Tool

BambooHR calms applicants' nerves with this hilarious run-through of a screening software.

BambooHR uses a tool called HireVue to screen candidates. Using this software, applicants can record themselves answering a series of questions on camera, and BambooHR can review candidates' responses on their own time.

Not surprisingly, some candidates find this process a bit nerve-wracking and uncomfortable. To make the experience easier for applicants, the HR team asked the creative team to produce a fun video that would teach folks about HireVue and loosen them up a bit.

In their own words:

“Perhaps better than any other medium, video evokes an emotional response from the viewer, and getting candidates to feel at ease (an emotional response) was one of the main objectives. For this video, the process involved the stakeholder (HR), the production team (creative team lead, producer, video director), and several coworkers and friends as actors. This production went off pretty smoothly, but common challenges for videos in general are finding good locations, casting co-workers, while being sensitive to their schedules, and making sure equipment and other production needs are all prepped for the shoot. This video was very successful in a number of ways. Candidates began having better interview experiences. They often mention it on tours as they come through the office for in-person interviews. They get to see faces in the office that were in the video, which is fun and helps them get a sense of the collaborative atmosphere that we have. It has also been successful in organic search, as people look for tips on doing video interviews. This video only took us a few days to throw together once HR had expressed the need, but it ended up being one of our most effective videos. Sometimes it’s really hard to anticipate how your content will be received, so you’ve just got to try stuff out, measure the results, and apply what you learn to the next thing.”
Brenton Williamson
Creative Team Lead, BambooHR