2021 State of Video: Highlights for Businesses Invested in Video Marketing


Over the past five years, marketers have had to constantly adapt to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital landscape. One thing that has remained constant, however, is the demand for video marketing. Video continues to be an essential tool marketers leverage to communicate and connect with their audiences and customers.

In this webinar, we’ll share compelling stats and trends from our 2021 State of Video Report. We’ll use data to showcase where video stands today and how it has evolved over the past five years. You’ll leave with valuable takeaways you can use to inform your own strategy, whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned video marketer.

Tune in as we explore trends around:

  • Video creation and consumption
  • Video length and engagement
  • Video interactivity and conversion rates

On-Demand Webinar

About the speaker

Meisha Bochicchio is the Content Marketing Manager at Wistia. When she’s not busy behind a screen, Meisha enjoys hiking, spending time with her furry friends, and trying to find Boston’s best ice cream. She’s spent almost a decade in marketing, both in-house and agency-side, and she’s excited to share this year’s State of Video report.

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