2022 State of Video


2020 was a year of upheaval for many industries, including ours. The way businesses used video to meet consumer demand — and the demand itself — changed dramatically. In 2021, we continued to track how brands are marketing with video and how audiences respond, and it’s clear that the changes to video marketing ushered in by the pandemic are here to stay.

In this webinar, Tyler Borchers, Brand Marketing Manager at Wistia, shares compelling stats and trends from our 2022 State of Video Report. He also dives into how businesses can apply those learnings to their marketing throughout the year ahead!

Tune in as we explore trends around:

  • Video creation and consumption
  • Video length and engagement
  • Video interactivity and conversion rates
  • Plus! Insights from 600+ Wistia customers

Watch on-demand

Want to dig into the report before the webinar? Our 2022 State of Video Report is here! Read the full report now →

About the speaker

Tyler Borchers is a Brand Marketing Manager at Wistia, a leading video platform that gives marketers everything they need to get more from their videos and podcasts. Before Wistia, Tyler worked in audience development at a variety of digital media brands, including Time magazine, Vice News, and The Village Voice. When Tyler isn’t nerding out on video marketing, you can find him hiking near his home in Tennessee.

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