You Can Do That? 3 Creative Video Ideas for Business


For B2B companies, product demos, webinars, and customer testimonials make up the bulk of video efforts. But just because you’re a business that uses video doesn’t mean that your videos have to be all business! While these types of videos are essential to the B2B marketing mix, there are tons of other ways you can harness the power of video to engage your audience.

In this webinar, Chris Lavigne, Head of Production at Wistia will share creative ways B2B brands can use video.

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What kinds of videos are we going to cover? Think creative and simple — like this promo video we whipped up for this very event!

About the speaker

Head of Production at Wistia, Chris Lavigne, has proven the best gear doesn’t necessarily get you the best shot — but a great concept and good technique will. Just look at what he’s dubbed the flexible technique of “lighting on the fly”! Chris thrives on using creativity to work around constraints and showing others how to relax and let loose in videos. When he’s not camera-in-hand, you can find him behind the wheel of a backhoe, snuggling with his dog Lenny, or reciting lines from Jurassic Park.

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