How to Defeat B2B Boring with Social Media


Social media is hard and only getting harder, especially in B2B. Social Media Managers — we hear you! From juggling various audiences across multiple channels to creating engaging and relatable content for specific platforms, there’s a lot that goes into brand social. On top of that, there’s added pressure to distill complex or technical industries into a fun and relatable brand. If any of this resonates, you’ll want to watch this webinar replay.

In this webinar, Frank Emanuele, Social Media Manager, and Taylor Corrado, Director of Brand and Communications at Wistia, cover everything you need to know about:

  • Common misconceptions about B2B marketing
  • What it means to have a “human” brand
  • Tactical tips for better social media content
  • 10 B2B brands to add to your social swipe file

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About the speakers

Frank Emanuele is the Social Media Manager at Wistia. When he’s not tweeting for a living, you’ll find him in his natural habitat: on a podcast talking about sci-fi and superheroes with a craft beer in hand. He’s spent a decade in the social media marketing space, on both the agency and brand sides, and he’s excited to help you shape your social strategy.
Taylor Corrado is the Director of Brand at Wistia, a leading video platform that gives marketers everything they need to get more from their videos and podcasts. As a former Wistia customer, Taylor has spent the last decade driving awareness and growth for a variety of brands, including HubSpot, American Express, and Shift. When Taylor’s not in the weeds of all things marketing, you can find her in the garden growing flowers, or on the hiking trails, exploring new states and countries.

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