Video Accessibility Essentials


Video accessibility is all about giving everyone equal ability to consume your content in a way that’s inclusive and approachable to their needs. Whether your business is legally required to provide online videos that meet accessibility standards or you just want every viewer to fully experience your videos, creating accessible content is easier than you think — and beneficial to your business!

We’ll be sitting down with 3Play Media to break down the importance of digital accessibility and show you how to create video content that is inclusive for people with various disabilities. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why video accessibility matters
  • How to make your online videos accessible
  • How to incorporate accessibility services into your production process
  • How to create a culture of inclusive and accessible video marketing

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About the speakers

Luke Pommersheim is a Software Engineer at Wistia with a passion for helping humanize businesses with video. With more than eight years of experience in engineering, Luke is excited to share his insights and best practices for making videos more accessible. Outside of work, Luke is an avid cyclist who has biked from sea level to volcano (2,375 m ascent). He also enjoys traveling and has lived on four different continents.
Kelly Mahoney is the Content and Partner Marketing Specialist at 3Play Media. She creates and produces content on all things digital and video accessibility — including blog posts, e-books, and webinars on best practices and industry updates — to contribute to 3Play’s extensive database of thought leadership resources and to strengthen strategic partnerships.

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