Video SEO: How to Drive More Traffic with Video


Did you know you can use video to drive more traffic to your website? Yep! All you need to do is bring the power of video and SEO together. We’ll show you how.

After this webinar, you’ll be able to get your videos crawled and indexed, implement structured data in a few clicks without any coding, and use analytics to measure success — all the key steps you need to optimize your videos!

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How to get your videos indexed and ranked in Google search
  • Whether YouTube or other platforms can help your content rank
  • Ways to optimize titles and thumbnails to attract more traffic to your videos
  • How to auto-optimize your video content with tools like Wistia

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About the speaker

Lauren Babitz works at Wistia as an Account Executive on the Emerging Markets team. She helps businesses leverage video for lead generation and on-site conversion. She believes that video is a uniquely effective platform to convert viewers into advocates. When she’s not talking video marketing, you can find her in her natural habitat: on the pottery wheel or creating a design thinking curriculum for high school students.

About the speaker

Jean Merlain is a Product Marketing Manager at Wistia. With years of video and product marketing experience under his belt, he’s excited to share his insights on video SEO and how to drive traffic with video. Outside of the office, he loves spending time with family and friends, singing karaoke, and exploring local restaurants.

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