Custom Audiences

Use viewer data to get super-focused with your social ads

Send Wistia viewer data to your Facebook Ads Manager, so you can retarget existing audiences or reach new ones on Facebook and Instagram with perfectly tailored ads.

Create smarter ads on Facebook and Instagram

Engage your existing audience

Create messaging based on data that encourages viewers to re-engage by watching more of your video content.

Find new audiences

Reach similar audiences to ones you’re already reaching using Lookalike Audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Retarget existing, unengaged customers

Select a date and time in the future, send the email right when a video is published, or choose not to send an email at all.

Use social media to bring your audience
to your website

With super-timely and relevant ads, you can ensure your audience is interacting with your content on your site, rather than social. And once you drive traffic to your website from Facebook and Instagram, you can use our Channel subscribe feature to convert viewers into subscribers so you can keep the communications rolling.

Create ads based on viewing data from a Wistia Channel or a single video


Channel data

If a viewer engages with a video or multiple videos in your Channel, you can retarget them based on how much they’ve watched, or create Lookalike Audiences to reach new viewers.

Individual video data

If a viewer watches a video for a product on your site, for example, you can retarget that viewer on Facebook or Instagram with an ad for that same product.

Nudge viewers to take action using one
of our pre-made audiences

Whether you want to reach viewers who haven’t finished a video, those who’ve watched a handful of your videos, or even your loyal Channel subscribers, you can use our pre-made, suggested audiences to quickly set up ads in your Ad Account and get more targeted with your messaging and delivery.

See how easy it is to get started

Connect to your Ads Manager and we’ll send your viewer data
Pick any of our pre-made audiences or create your own
Deliver super-targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook

Ready to engage your audience with smarter ads?