Tools in the Customize panel help your videos work harder. Use these tips to optimize your videos with Timeline Actions.

Conversion Rate Overview

CTAs are great for directing viewers to additional content. Turnstile allows you to collect leads from within the player. Annotation links highlight additional content without pausing playback. Each action converts at different rates, so it’s best to choose the right tool for the job.
  • Calls to Action have an average conversion rate of 11.04%.
  • Turnstiles have an average conversion rate 7.2%
  • Annotation links have an average conversion rate of 3.4%


Adding a Turnstile to your video is a great way to support lead generation goals. We’ve found that the best time to add a Turnstile is in the middle of the video for the best conversion rate. When paired with lead nurturing videos, conversions via Turnstile help you to determine interested prospects. If you’re integrating Wistia with an email or marketing automation tool, follow up with and score your video-generated leads to keep them engaged.
  • A Turnstile placed at mid-roll has the highest conversion rate compared to a pre- or post-roll Turnstile at 22.17%.
  • A post-roll Turnstile has an average conversion rate of 3.05%.
  • A pre-roll Turnstile has an an average conversion rate of 8.49%.


Make sure to update the copy you use in your Turnstile. Making it clear what you’re asking for and what the viewer can expect builds trust and improves conversion.

Using the word ’email' in your Turnstile text increases conversion rates from 7.03% to 8.33%.


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Calls To Action

Calls to action help make the next step for your viewers crystal clear. So clear that we’ll pause the video to give them a nudge. Don’t worry, they’re easy to dismiss so viewers can get back to the video! Calls to Action also happen to be our best converting Timeline Action. If you were able to drive 11% of your viewers to a related landing page or piece of content, wouldn’t you?
  • Mid-roll CTAs have an average conversion rate of 16.95%, the highest compared to pre- and post-roll CTAs.
  • Post-roll CTAs have an average conversion rate of 10.98%.
  • The pre-roll call to action (at the start of the video) fared poorly, with an average conversion rate of just 3.15%.

Discuss where you might include a call to action before beginning production. This way you can easily incorporate these pauses when you’re scripting, and help improve your conversion rates.

There is also a big opportunity to craft custom, image-based CTAs and use them in your videos. It might take a little more effort, but there’s a definite payoff. We’ve found that image-based CTAs perform better than plain text options.

Image Calls to Action have better conversion rates — 13.08% for images compared to 10.65% for text.


As with your Turnstile language, words matter for CTAs too. Certain words seem to drive more clicks than others. Words like ’free' help your chances, whereas words like ’buy' hurt conversion.

Videos with Calls to Action that include the word ’free' convert 12.22% of the time.


With the exception of ’buy,' Calls to Action with these action words outperformed those without. ’Click' is the most-represented action word — Calls to Action with ’click' outperform the rest by almost 2%.

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