4K Video

Play your videos at the highest quality

When you upload an HD video to Wistia, we’ll create the highest quality derivatives for optimal playback in a variety of scenarios (even 4K).

Share beautiful 4K videos

With the Wistia Player, 4K video playback is just a click away. Upload any 4K file and we’ll create a derivative that’s sure to play beautifully.

Choose the right HD setting for you

Whether you want to play your video at 720p or 1080p, we have the settings that look great on any device — from tablets to large screens.

Offer the same quality on mobile

Wistia’s mobile-specific playback for phones and tablets makes the video-playing experience just as seamless (and delightful) as it is on desktop.

Serve the highest video quality

We detect your viewers’ bandwidth and screen size to automatically set the best resolution, while still allowing viewers to choose their own settings.

Worry less about connection speed

Crummy Internet connection? No worries! We create smaller derivatives, like 360p and 224p, which are great for viewing videos on slower connections.

Ready to upload your HD video?