Video Interactivity

Use interactive video tools to turn passive viewers into active ones

Make it easy for your audience to take action and connect with your brand using our email collector, CTAs, Annotation Links, and more.

Collect email addresses right from your videos

Turnstile allows you to capture email addresses at any point in your video’s timeline, so you can grow your email lists and send contacts straight to your customer relationship management (CRM). With customizable button copy and options for how you want your forms to display, generic interactions are long gone, and lead generation is cranked up.

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Add a call to action to your video to help your viewers take the next step

Calls to action make it simple to ask viewers to take action right from your videos. You can use text, images, or custom HTML as a CTA to send viewers to another relevant video or page. We’ll even pause the video to give your viewers a nudge to take action and engage even deeper with your business.

Use Annotation Links to help your audience spend more time with your brand

Give your audience links to more information without interrupting their viewing experience. Annotation Links discreetly display in the upper right-hand corner of the screen for as long as you want them to!

Help viewers navigate your videos with Chapters

Add titled sections with a table of contents to your video to make it super easy to navigate. Chapters are a great way to allow viewers to click into a specific point in your video to find just what they’re looking for. Plus, with Wistia’s video analytics, you’re able to see how many of your viewers have selected a chapter and how many times each chapter was picked.

Put Eventbrite forms right into your videos

Events are a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level. And with our Eventbrite integration, it’s easy to add an invite directly to your videos — without sending your audience away — as a video annotation link or a form overlay. Plus, you’ll get a notification every time someone registers. (Score!)

Ready to get started with video interactivity and engage more with your audience?