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Supercharge your Marketing Automation

Capture leads with your videos, then automatically pass Wistia viewing data into Marketo to score, segment, and assign your leads. Nurturing has never been so dreamy.


Send emails captured through Wistia’s Turnstile email collector directly to your Marketo lead database

Add email collectors directly into your videos and those new leads will be automatically added to your lead database in Marketo.

Turnstile email collector illustration

See which videos your leads are watching directly in the activity log

Track the videos your leads are watching, and find out how far they’re getting through each video within their individual activity logs. If a user gives you their email after they’ve already been watching a bunch of your videos, this historical viewing history will be synced up with the activity log as well, so you can see all of the touch points that were required to turn this user into a lead. You'll then also be able to capture all of their video viewing activity going forward, and you can set up proactive alerts which will let you know when a lead is watching a certain video in real time.

Prospect activity screenshot

Create smart lists based on video events

You can trigger Smart Lists based on video viewing events such as what percentage of the video has been viewed or whether the lead clicked on your video's call-to-action. So, if you want to reach out to those who maybe didn’t make it all the way through, or those active viewers who are watching everything you create, you can build a list which will allow you to do this in a personalized way.

Marketo smart lists screenshot

Include Wistia video thumbnails in email campaigns

Compel and excite your audience by including Wistia video thumbnails in your email marketing.

Screenshot of a video in a Marketo email draft

If you’re using Marketo to automate your marketing and lead generation, then integrating Wistia videos will allow you to better qualify your leads and craft a personalized approach to your lead nurturing. It’s super easy to set up and is included for all customers who've purchased our Marketing Automation Integrations.

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