Mobile Video

Make your videos mobile friendly

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, Wistia optimizes video playback for any mobile phone or tablet, making the viewing experience delightful — no matter the device.

See smooth playback on mobile devices

Since large HD files eat up data, Wistia creates smaller, high-quality video files on all mobile devices. When you upload a video, Wistia encodes specific versions for mobile playback.

Keep all your customizations and controls

Any interactive elements added (like Turnstiles, Annotation Links, or CTAs) and controls — like playback speed or sharing restrictions — work flawlessly on mobile. Your viewers will always have access to the controls you set, on any device.

Benefit from faster mobile load times

To cut download times on mobile devices, we’ve implemented HTTP Live Stream (HLS). Mobile network connections aren’t always strong, and HLS optimizes playback to be as fast as possible.

Rely on mobile-optimized, responsive embeds

Our responsive player ensures your videos will adjust to whatever environment they’re embedded in. Creating a responsive embed code for mobile compatibility is as simple as checking off a box!

Give your viewers a better experience

Wistia videos will play inline on all mobile browsers and only convert to fullscreen if the viewer rotates their device to landscape. Your video quality will be just as high on mobile as it is on desktop, with adaptive streaming and support for 4K videos on iOS and Android.

Make your videos more mobile responsive today