Video Editing

Make easy edits (the easy way)

The basic editing tool every marketer needs to polish up webinars and other marketing videos for prime time.

Do it yourself. Video editing skills: not required.

Stop bugging your video team or hiring freelancers to cut out those awkward video silences. With our editing feature built right into Wistia, any marketer can go from editing to embedding, sharing, and tracking the impact of video — in one fell swoop.

Cut what you don’t want

We make editing your videos a stress-free experience. Trim a little bit off the top, cut out any goofs, and save your video without losing the original file.

Keep what you do want

Want to show off a great quote from a webinar or live event? Easily pull what you need and share it with your audience — directly on social media or your website.

Add some extra polish

Stitch in other clips and add stylized transitions to make your videos look professional. And to make your videos stand out even more, use our recording feature to shoot a personalized intro.

Making simple edits? Close that complicated software

Trim off the beginning or end of your webinars

Cut out any awkward silences from your tutorials

Share the best quote from your last live event

Ready to edit your videos the easy way?