Wistia for Video Marketing

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Grow your brand and your business with video

Video marketing software designed to help you build real connections with your audience.

Use video and audio to reach your goals

Host your videos on a platform you control

Management and embedding

Deliver your videos to anyone, anywhere, with the fastest, highest quality playback.

Custom player

Upload your logo, modify the controls, and change the player color to match your brand.

Interactive video tools

Help your audience take action with CTAs, email gates, Annotation Links, and more.

“Wistia’s customizability is a big win for us. Whether it’s the ability to adjust colors or pick just the right thumbnail, it’s our go-to for website videos to maintain the integrity of our brand experience.”

Jake Johnson
Director of Creative & Content

Create captivating, video & audio experiences

Ad-free experience

Play your videos and podcasts without losing your viewers to distracting advertisements or suggested content.


Display a collection of videos or a podcast in your own Channel, so you can show and tell your brand’s story, your way.

“Up Next”

Auto-play the next audio or video episode in your Channel to encourage your audience to stick around.

“We’ve had a great experience hosting our videos with Wistia and using their podcast player felt like the perfect next step for us.”

Ash Reed
Editorial Director

Video, meet audio

We just launched podcast support. Now you can use one platform (that's us!) to tell your brand's story with video and audio.


Grow your audience and your fanbase

Reach & Retarget

Use viewer data to reach new audiences and retarget existing viewers with ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.


Capture an email address when anyone subscribes to your Channel and send notifications when you publish new content.

CRM integrations

Enhance your lead tracking and send viewer and listener data to tools like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Marketo, and Pardot.

“Video is mission-critical at Intercom—we use it to communicate with customers at every stage of their lifecycle. Wistia makes it possible for us to manage and update existing videos as our product and marketing evolves, without changing URLs or losing historic engagement data and those invaluable customer insights."

Phil Byrne
Senior Product Education Manager

Optimize your content performance

Optimize your videos for search and drive more traffic to your website, without any development work.

Get a pulse on how viewers are interacting with your videos with data like engagement rate, action stats, and play rates.

Find out how individual people are interacting with your videos and podcasts with heatmaps that show individual engagement.

Discover who has been watching your videos and send that data to your CRM or other marketing platforms.

Uncover what’s impacting video engagement and pick any two video customizations to A/B test.

Simplify your process and tap into 40+ integrations that support every part of your business, from sales to support.

hands holding plants

Streamline your video workflow


iOS or Android, give your audience a better viewing experience— no matter the device.

New video notifications

Stay top-of-mind and automatically email your Channel subscribers every time a new video is published.

Replace video

When you replace a video in Wistia, your site will automatically reflect the changes, without having to touch the embed.

Publish to social

Generate more awareness and automatically publish your videos directly to your favorite social media platforms.

Users and permissions

Interactive chapters give your audience a way to navigate to the parts of your video they care about most.

Privacy controls

Get peace of mind when you password protect your videos, require an email to watch, or restrict specific domains.

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