Soapbox for Teams

There’s no “I” in “video”

Teamwork makes the dream work

Everyone can be a videographer

Stand out from the crowd by enabling your whole team to produce compelling, professional-looking videos. Track which videos produce best results to share wins across your team.

Elevate your elevator pitch

Craft a compelling brand identity for your team’s videos

Build your reputation as the most innovative marketers in your industry with branded video pages, color schemes, smooth video transitions, and custom video thumbnails.

Dig in to all the data

Track engagement and conversions across the board

Compare results and share insights about the best performing videos to improve your creative process and output. Use this data to calculate the ROI of video over time and make the case for further investment.

Enjoy all our latest and greatest features

Give your team the tools they need to get the job done

Your squad deserves the best of the best. With Soapbox for Teams, everyone can enjoy all the best features from our Soapbox Solo plan — Meeting CTAs, Video Downloads, Notifications, Analytics, and more!

Keep your eyes on the prize

See what your team creates in one simple view

Find out what your team is working on, keep track of their progress, and help turn your sales team into a creative communications powerhouse.

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