Create a professional looking video in seconds.

Soapbox is a Chrome extension that enables anyone to record, edit, share, and measure presentation videos.

Built for prospecting, with sales teams in mind.

You don’t have to be an expert in cameras or editing software to create beautiful videos. Soapbox makes it so easy to record everything from presentations to pitch-decks that even dogs are getting in on the action.

Wistian recording a Soapbox video at a table

Beautiful transitions to help you stand out from the crowd.

Why choose between a talking head and a screenshare when you can have both with Soapbox? Record your screen and your webcam simultaneously, then switch between the two to take advantage of the unique “split screen” view. Plus, you can frame the whole thing with your face to add a personal touch to any presentation, pitch-deck, or screencast.

Free for the masses.
Affordable for pros.

Take control of the way you present your content.
With Soapbox, you can:

Create unlimited soapbox videos
Insert transitions from webcam to full screen or both
Include a link at the end of your video
Trim the start and end of your video
Customize the player color
Generate a custom video thumbnail
Download your videos for sharing, sending, or posting
Receive stats and notifications on views and more!
Access an unbranded sharing page
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Looking to get Soapbox Pro for your team?For teams of 10 or more, reach out to get started.

Share your Soapbox video with the world

Looking for instant gratification? Just paste a link (and thumbnail) in an email and it’ll be optimised for playpack on every browser and device. If you’re ready to go places with your Soapbox video, Export it to Wistia to take advantage of video marketing tools and in-depth analytics. Or upgrade to Soapbox Pro to download your video and share it on social media (or save it for a rainy day).

We believe the future of sales is creative communication and we’ve built Soapbox to help every business get there.

So what are you waiting for? Clean up your act and get on your Soapbox.