The video recording power of Soapbox is now built right into Wistia. Learn more or log in to Soapbox. →

Screen and Webcam Recorder

Fast and easy video recording for any marketer

Record, polish, and add branding to your videos with Wistia’s complete video marketing platform.

Make all kinds of marketing videos right from your browser

Use Wistia to bring your recordings to the next level

Record great videos all by yourself

With Wistia, all you need to create a great video is a browser, a webcam, and something to say. You won’t even have to download an extension or hire a producer.
Still of Wistia's Record feature in action
Still of Wistia's editing feature in action

Take video editing into your own hands

When you’ve finished recording, it’s super easy to clean up your videos. Start editing right away—keep what you want, cut out mistakes, and stitch recordings together all without leaving Wistia.

Customize how your videos look for your audience

Pick the perfect thumbnail, easily add your logo, and change the player color to match your brand. Wistia’s platform puts you in control of how your videos look.
Still of Wistia's color-picker to customize your videos
Still of heat-maps available in Wistia

Measure the impact of your videos

Get the inside scoop on each video’s performance with Wistia's top-notch analytics. See what's working and what's not in a snap.

What’s the deal with Wistia’s Soapbox Chrome extension?

We thought you might ask.

We’re moving the video recording power of Soapbox into Wistia so you can do way more with your videos. Say goodbye to our trusty Chrome extension, and say hello to better support, all new features, and more stability.

Frequently asked Soapbox questions

  • Wait, what is Soapbox?

    Soapbox is a Chrome extension by Wistia that was launched in 2017. It’s a simple screen and webcam recorder that lets you make videos to share with anyone.

  • Can I still sign up for Soapbox?

    Starting April 19, 2023, Soapbox is only available to existing Soapbox users.

  • Can I still use my Soapbox account?

    If you signed up for Soapbox before April 19, 2023, you’ll still be able to log in to your Soapbox account and use its features. To access your account, log in here.

  • Is Soapbox going away?

    Now that screen and video recording is available natively in Wistia, we will begin transitioning away from support for Soapbox. Our plan is to fully retire Soapbox by September 1, 2024. Learn more.

  • Does Wistia’s new screen and webcam recorder have all the same features as Soapbox?

    Not yet, but we’re working on it! We’ve put together a comparison chart to help you understand the current differences between Soapbox and Wistia’s native screen and webcam recorder. Check it out here.

  • How do I cancel my existing Soapbox account?

    You can cancel your Soapbox account anytime by navigating to “Manage My Plan” from the settings drop-down menu and selecting “Cancel.”

Ready to give Wistia’s new screen and webcam recorder a try?