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Complicated processes and products can be difficult to explain in words.

Text and still images often fall short, and insufficient explanations can result in more tickets and longer resolution times. Using video, you can create crystal clear responses that will wow your customers. With Wistia, you can show your customers how to resolve their issues, enabling you to move on to the next question faster.

Create better help videos

Wistia empowers you to make professional-looking support videos in minutes, using nothing but a laptop with a built-in camera or a webcam. Record your friendly face, share your screen, and combine the two to create a unique and personable experience that delights your customers.

In an effort to help all businesses improve their videos, we've built a Library full of free resources, covering everything from "Making Better Help Videos" to "Shooting Your Laptop Screen."

Once you've produced your masterpiece, break your video into navigable chunks with chaptering, and use Annotations and Calls to Action to direct users to your support center or other relevant resources.


Build a video-based support library

Wistia makes it super easy for you to weave video into your online support center. Integrations with Wordpress, Squarespace, and Medium allow you to create and embed video across these prominent content management systems without having to touch a line of code.

Video SEO and domain restrictions ensure users are always coming back to your site (not YouTube's) to view support videos. This way, you can track your viewers' engagement, and drive more traffic to your business's website.

Connect with tools you know and love

Wistia is built to play nicely with your existing tools and workflows.

Our integration with Zendesk allows you to quickly access and add video to your tickets, right from within Zendesk. Want to know how your videos are impacting customer satisfaction? You can run a quick report and find out how your video-powered tickets are stacking up.

If you're using Gmail, consider Wistia for Chrome your new best friend. Access your Wistia videos and insert gorgeous video thumbnails into your emails with just a few clicks. Fun fact: Wistia also enables video playback right from within an email when a recipient's email client allows for it.

Bring your whole team on board

All Wistia plans come with unlimited users, so everyone on your support team can utilize the power of video in their day-to-day work.

You can adjust permissions to suit the needs of your team, and empower teammates to customize videos to best serve customers' needs.

“Almost every client I send a support video to thanks me for how clearly their problem was solved right before their eyes. Often a client will see something they missed, which prevents them from having to contact us with another trouble ticket. Thanks Wistia, keep it up!”


Stephen Boelcskevy, Customer Success Manager, ThriveHive

We love making business more human through video, and we're so grateful to have companies like these on board!

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