Timeline Actions

Drive viewer engagement with CTAs, Annotation Links, and Turnstile

With Timeline Actions, you can turn passive viewers into an active audience. These tools keep your viewers engaged while encouraging them to further connect with your brand.


Generate leads within your videos

Turnstile is a sleek, custom form that you can place at any point in your video’s timeline. When viewers enter their emails and names, they’re automatically added to your audience, making it simple to gather leads and follow up at the right time.

Nudge viewers in the right direction

Use a Wistia Call to Action to send viewers to another relevant video or page. Interested leads are looking for the next step. Don’t leave them hanging without clear direction.


Interact, but don’t interrupt

Annotation Links are a great way to offer supplementary information without interrupting the viewing experience. When added, they’ll appear in the upper right corner of the video. Plus, they can stick around for as long as you’d like!

Track your conversions

When viewers engage with Timeline Actions, their clicks and responses will be logged in your stats. Whether a lead clicks on an Annotation Link or fills out a Turnstile email collector, you’ll see that data right on your Stats page. With all this information consolidated, you can determine which videos are most impactful for your business.


Improve your video tracking!