Video Management

Bring calm to the chaos

Flexibly manage and arrange your video content to fit your team’s unique style. Easier to access, easier to navigate, easier to breathe deeply.

Organize your media

With Wistia, you can set up projects and sections to help group related media, and easily move videos from one project to another by dragging and dropping. At a higher level, our Move & Copy feature lets you transfer videos between projects, or even between Wistia accounts, without having to re-upload them. Plus, you can replace videos on your site with updated versions, without having to re-embed them. Just let Wistia take care of all the video magic for you.
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Search and star

Using Wistia’s search functionality, you can quickly scan through video titles, descriptions, and captions to find the right content. And with the ability to star projects, each member of your team has easy access to the projects they use most frequently. It’s all in the name of keeping your account tidy and accessible, and your work more productive.

Collaborate with comments

If you need to solicit feedback from your coworkers and collaborate on a new video, Wistia makes it simple to enable comments on your media page. Is there a specific point in the video where you’d like to give feedback? With timecoded comments, viewers can pause the video and give their two cents, making communication both clear and efficient. And if you’d rather forgo comments altogether, you can always disable them.

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Set your permission levels

Our private sharing functionality allows you to invite certain people to view or collaborate on a project within your Wistia account. Whether you need to review content before it goes live, share instructional videos with your team, or work with sensitive information, Wistia has your back. As an admin, you get to decide how users interact with your media––it’s all in your control.

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