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Wistia is video hosting and analytics for businesses. Empower your users to leverage the power of video, from a customizable player to advanced analytics!

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What you can do with Wistia

Data integrations

If your platform offers website analytics, you can use Wistia to add video analytics to the mix. Include video viewing data to help customers market and sell more easily via marketing automation and email marketing tools.

Publish to Wistia

If your product helps people make videos, integrate with Wistia to allow your customers to push their content directly to our hosting platform. From there, they can take advantage of Wistia's customizations and analytics!

Custom control over playback

Control the look and feel of your video. Customize the playback experience by standardizing player styles, adding chapters, or using interactive elements.

Uploading, encoding, and delivery

If your product or service relies on video, Wistia offers reliable hosting and can serve as a backend. We'll make sure your videos play nice on any browser or device.

Embed video with a link

Are your customers designing and building their websites on your platform? Make it easy for them to add video to their pages, using oembed - without messing with an embed code.

Learn more about our APIs in our developer documentation