Analytics Integrations

Wistia’s integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a unified marketing and analytics platform. Pump video data into Google Analytics to see how people are interacting with your videos within your websites. Wistia shares when a viewer plays your video, the percentage of the video watched, whether they finished the video, and if they entered their email address.

Automatically integrated

As long as you are already using Google Analytics, you’ll begin tracking your visitors’ viewing behavior right off the bat. Wistia publishes the basic video metrics listed to your Google Analytics account. If you have multiple videos on your page, each one will get its own set of analytics by default.

Data you can work with

Google Analytics is great, because it’s nitty gritty. There are loads of great data points you can use to make decisions and you should have the same level of data to work with from your videos. We’ll send Play events, whether the viewer watched 25, 50 or 75 percent of the video, whether you finished the video and if your visitor entered their email address and converted via our Turnstile.

Have more insight

With video data being pumped into Google Analytics, you can see how people are interacting with your videos within your websites. You can see if the videos are compelling and how users are behaving when they’re watching them. If they watch 25 percent of your video and leave your website, what’s going wrong? On the other hand, if they watch 100 percent of another video and then go to your purchase page, you know one video is extremely effective in motivating your customers.

Start using Wistia with Google Analytics today!