Analytics Integrations

Wistia’s integration with Medialytics

Medialytics allows you to collect all of your video data and display it in one place. Combine your Wistia stats with data from other platforms. You’ll be able to use additional tools like filtering, segmenting, and timeboxing to make it easy to discover new insights into your audience and track your video performance.

This integration was created by our friends at Medialytics!

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Screenshot gallery: See it in action

Medialytics integration screenshot 1

Medialytics dashboard view

“Wistia has amazing built-in analytics tools, but at Animus we use Medialytics to make the most of all this data. With Medialytics, we can do things beyond the native stats tools and build customized dashboards that feature tools like segmentation and timeboxing. These tools are crucial for keeping tabs on KPIs across multiple campaigns and clients.”
Ian Servin
Strategist at Animus Studios

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