Marketing Automation Integrations

Wistia’s integration with Hull

Capture new leads with Turnstile, and the sync video viewing data for all your leads via Hull to the rest of your marketing tools.

Wistia can send data, CTAs, and turnstile leads straight to Hull. From here, you can Combine data from all your tools, tracking, databases, and into a unified customer profile - a single view for each customer. Then use video data to enrich, transform, segment, and sync across all your tools in real-time.

This integration was created by our friends at Hull!

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Trigger action (not just insights) with your Wistia data

Use events from Wistia to trigger actions across your sales, marketing & customer success tools. Update segments, personalize segments, and trigger workflows across all your tools from Hull.

Sync leads from Wistia to all your tools
Capture new leads with Wistia turnstiles, then sync with all their viewing data to all your tools via Hull. Combine Wistia data with all your other lead & account interactions to build a unified lead & account profile.

Segment contacts and personalize drip campaigns with video data

Wistia video data is captured as events into Hull. Use any events and attributes to build and update segments in real-time. Query your entire data set, filter which leads & customers are synced to what tools, and maintain lists, views, segments & audiences in all your tools - all in real-time.

Start using Wistia with Hull today!