5 Under-the-Radar Conferences for Marketers in 2018

February 15, 2018

Jenny Coppola


You might be just as bummed as we are that WistiaFest 2018 is no longer in the works. And while there might not be many (or any) alternatives for getting your fill of video marketing, oysters, and Boston Harbor cruises all in one place, that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop!

We asked a few members of the Marketing team here at Wistia to share some insights on conferences they’ve loved in the past or are excited about attending this year. And because so many of us here often prefer the homey-vibes of a WistiaFest-style conference (navigating crowds of thousands can be a little intimidating!), we’re highlighting five of our favorite conferences that may have flown under your radar.

So pack your bags, don your name tags, and get ready to nerd out like the rockstar marketer you are.

1. For the email marketer

Marketing United: April 9–11, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee

Marketing United brands itself as “the must attend event for digital marketers,” and who are we to argue? Brought to you by the email marketing gurus at Emma, Marketing United puts the spotlight on strengthening your brand story, with multiple workshops and keynote addresses throughout the three days of learning.

With a speaker lineup that includes the likes of Mel Robbins and Kindra Hall(a favorite of WistiaFest 2016), the conference holds something for every type of marketer, but it’d be especially beneficial for email marketers looking to hone their talents.

2. For the social media marketer

The Yearly Carnage: April 13, 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA

The Yearly Carnage comes to you from the marketing minds behind The Daily Carnage, a newsletter dedicated to delivering top content to its readers. Main topics of interest include brand voice, content curation, and paid social ads, making this the ideal conference for social media managers and marketers alike.

“I can’t wait to see what the quirky wordsmiths at The Daily Carnage do with this conference — their website says they’re ”putting a lid on head-in-the-clouds marketing" — and I, for one, am all about it. Actionable, tactical marketing for the win!”
Jordan Wellin, Creative Content Specialist

Plus, this one-day conference is definitely on the more affordable side, with tickets starting at just $125 for the full day. Register today and learn how to up your game in 2018 at this intimate, super-tactical conference.

3. For the content marketer

Conex: The Content Experience: August 20–22, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario

Like any good marketing conference, Conex knows how to draw in the speaking talent (and we’re not just buttering them up because there’s a gorgeous Wistia-hosted video greeting visitors on their site).

With an emphasis on brand storytelling throughout the buyer’s journey, Conex caters to content marketers who are keen to brush up their writing skills across every digital platform. And for U.S. attendees, the price is practically a steal thanks (or no thanks) to the weak Canadian dollar.

Check out this recap video from last year for a taste of what’s to come!

4. For the growth marketer

Opticon18: September 11–13, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Opticon18 — sounds super futuristic, right? This conference is put on by Optimizely, the world’s leading experience optimization platform, and brings together optimization experts from around the world. And while their conference website is a little bare-bones at the moment, our very own Director of Growth can speak to this conference’s success.

“This conference is awesome for folks who are already super involved with conversion rate testing and optimization at their business, or even for those who are just looking to get inspired. It’s a great place to source new ideas that you can bring back to your team and start implementing and seeing results from quickly.”
Andrew Capland, Director of Growth

Past speakers at this event include industry leaders from IBM, New York Times, Microsoft and more. Keep an eye on their site for more updates on speakers, sessions, and more!

5. For the brand marketer

Brand Marketing Summit: October 24–25, 2018 in New York, New York

Billed as “the best brand-focused marketing conference in the USA,” the Brand Marketing Summit in New York City is one of the best brand-focused conferences in the country. Choose from three distinct tracks — marketing, digital, or social — and learn about everything from content and storymaking, to chatbots and paid media.

“As the Director of Demand Gen here at Wistia, I found this conference to be really helpful for someone who’s looking to explore new ways of reaching audiences through personalization, storytelling, and brand experience. Lots of great breakout sessions and impressive speakers — plus who doesn’t love a trip to New York City!?”
Barb Gagne, Director of Demand Gen

This conference is really geared toward in-house marketers at a managerial or director level who are looking to learn from some major brands across industries.

Are there any conferences we missed that you’re super excited about this year? Let us know in the comments!

February 15, 2018

Jenny Coppola


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