March 30, 2012

Wistia does it live with our first webinar

Alyce Currier


Yesterday, we held our first ever webinar! We’ve been thinking about this for a while, because the questions we get from people aren’t just about Wistia — they’re about the big picture of video marketing as a whole and how to think about it, as well as specifics of what works and what doesn’t. For our first topic, we decided on the obvious, Introduction to Video Marketing.

We invested a lot in our first webinar. We talked a lot about what to cover, made slides, and decided to shoot it more like a radio show than your typical pre-recorded webinar, setting up several cameras and doing the entire thing live (we didn’t reshoot anything). This may have been more risky, but we also hope it will allow us to get more out of it — letting it serve as a more permanent piece of content. We may gate this kind of content in the future, but for this one, we wanted to make the learning available to everyone, so we hope you get something out of it even if you didn’t attend.

We’re really happy with how this webinar went — 60% of those who registered actually attended, and people asked lots of good questions. We’re hoping that the behind-the-scenes approach we used will make this webinar more engaging, and we’ll share our results with you as we figure out how well this worked and talk more about our webinar process here as we refine it.

Here are some links and resources that we mentioned in the webinar:

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