How Explainly Uses Wistia to Improve Their Customer Journey

Discover how this animated production company uses Wistia to build and showcase an impressive portfolio, enhance client proposals, and close more deals.

Based in the breezy town of Sausalito, California, Explainly creates — you guessed it — explainer videos that pack a serious punch for businesses across various industries. With clients ranging from Uber to Universal and Toast to Morning Brew, Explainly brings brands’ visions to life.

Video is a core part of Explainly’s marketing strategy, so they needed a reliable video marketing platform to shape and optimize their customer journey. And that’s where Wistia stepped in!

Our platform has made it possible for Explainly to put together a user-friendly video portfolio and create highly effective client proposals. Since they started using Wistia, Explainly has seen a 17% increase in leads and a 116.67% boost in sales conversions. But the benefits don’t stop there — Wistia also empowers the entire company to easily manage their sizable video library and update customer-facing properties in a flash.

Let’s dive in and discover all the different ways Explainly uses Wistia to reach their video marketing goals!

Improving team efficiency with Wistia’s video management tools

As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing.” To demonstrate their ability to bring clients’ video dreams to life, Explainly showcases their past projects on their Testimonial and Portfolio pages.

Before using Wistia, Explainly had to manually create their website video portfolio and upload videos using WordPress. The tedious process involved spending a lot of time on website coding, exporting logos from Canva, and designing a poster for every project they uploaded.

To make matters more complicated, initially, only one person on the team knew how to update WordPress and add videos to the portfolio. Getting others involved in uploading projects meant training them and following a long guide every single time.

Fast forward to today. Explainly moved their video portfolio from WordPress to Wistia, and it’s been a total game-changer. Wistia’s user-friendly interface simplifies the process of uploading, organizing, embedding, and distributing content so much that Explainly now saves 45–90 minutes for each project they upload.

And the best part? Explainly no longer needs to rely on developers because everyone on their team can use Wistia to easily update the portfolio themselves.

Wistia also offers Explainly a whole range of handy tools to keep their video libraries organized. With Wistia’s tagging capabilities, they can quickly organize their videos and categories.

“The search and tagging capabilities within Wistia and the overall look and feel made the entire portfolio function and look better than before. The fact that it’s more efficient and attractive is a win-win.”
Scarlett Bush
Director of Operations, Explainly

Attracting more leads and customers with Wistia Channels

Explainly’s Portfolio page is central to their video marketing strategy. It’s the go-to spot for potential clients to discover the kinds of videos Explainly can create, the audiences they can speak to, and the specific business goals they can help achieve.

Explainly goes the extra mile by providing examples of services broken down by the different pricing tiers they offer. That way, potential clients can see examples relevant to their needs and budgets.

And here’s the cool part: It’s all powered by Wistia Channels! Channels makes it easy for Explainly to present their portfolio to prospective clients as sleek, eye-catching, and searchable video galleries. Explainly uses three Wistia Channels to organize and showcase over 200 videos to the 200+ daily visitors to their site.

“Thanks to Wistia, clients and the Explainly team can search for industry- or tier-specific videos to easily see all health care, education, finance, cybersecurity, and nonprofit videos — and more — and have them automatically organized by tier.”
Scarlett Bush
Director of Operations, Explainly

Explainly adds a Call to Action (CTA) to the end of every video, prompting viewers to book a meeting. Since implementing Channels and CTAs, Explainly has seen a significant boost in sales calls and closed deals.

“We’ve created more contacts, booked more calls, and closed more deals since we integrated Wistia Channels into our Portfolio. We’ve closed 200% more deals in the last 30 days than the previous 30.”
Scarlett Bush
Director of Operations, Explainly

Building stronger client relationships and increasing sales with Wistia analytics

The Wistia + HubSpot integration is a game-changer for Explainly’s nurture strategy. It adds video viewing data to contact cards in HubSpot so Explainly’s sales team can see how individual leads are watching their video content.

At Explainly, it’s really important to know which videos prospects are watching, how much of each video they watched, and what they did afterwards. These analytics help Explainly gauge how interested a lead is and figure out which videos work best for them — info that comes in super useful before jumping on a sales call with a potential client.

“The first thing a salesperson does when assigned a lead is look at the lead’s activity in HubSpot. The most helpful information is often which videos they watched, how much of each video they finished, and if they watched a video again. This enables our team to go into a sales call with the knowledge of what type of video resonated with them so that we can enter that video in our sales presentations, proposals, and mood boards, and then discuss those videos with them to see if they’re looking for something similar.”
Scarlett Bush
Director of Operations, Explainly

Wistia analytics aren’t just handy for sales calls. They also help Explainly pick the most relevant videos to include in their client proposal sales decks to help increase conversions. See a couple of examples from a client proposal below:

“If we didn’t include videos in our proposals or our sales calls, I think we’d struggle to land deals.”
Scarlett Bush
Director of Operations, Explainly

After every sales call, Explainly dives back into Wistia analytics to understand how their clients engaged with their proposal. This helps them determine the most effective follow-up strategies to successfully close deals.

Making videos work harder

Now you know how this animated video production company uses video at various touchpoints throughout their customer journey to fuel their business growth. And they take it up a notch with Wistia, making their video marketing strategy even stronger.