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Showcasing Your Product: How Sticker Mule Uses Video to Stand Out

Sticker Mule uses friendly product videos to help thousands of startups, bloggers, artists, and companies order vibrant custom stickers.

Interview with Tyler Vawser, VP of Content at Sticker Mule.

How and why did you get started with video? Why Wistia?

Sticker Mule’s strategy is to rely on an exceptional ordering experience to drive growth. Using high quality videos is one way we make our experience better. We realized early on that once people had the Sticker Mule experience, they were usually hooked on buying from us. Using video to showing this exceptional experience made it easier for people to grasp what’s great about us before they purchased.

Wistia provides the best UX for managing and displaying videos, so it was the obvious choice for hosting our videos.

What are your video goals?

We want to delight our customers in a way that encourages them to purchase, refer, and remember Sticker Mule. Our videos might be simple, but we strive to make them as high quality as possible. To us, that means making them useful, informative, and entertaining.

“We want to delight our customers in a way that encourages them to purchase, refer, and remember Sticker Mule.”

We intend to use video whenever possible to supplement and enhance content on our website. Primarily, we use them to improve our product pages.

What are the biggest challenges of producing video?

The hardest part is finding someone to produce them. Initially, we tried a popular firm with poor results. We waited months for a video that none of us liked. After that, we did video production in-house for a while, but struggled to find the time to make as many videos as we wanted.

More recently, we went back to using a firm to produce videos, but we’ve integrated them more tightly into our company. It took a few tries to find someone whose production quality was acceptable, but we’ve been happy with our most recent partner. Our main challenge now is scaling with them to get more videos done faster.

How has your video marketing evolved over time?

We try to make our ordering experience as simple and intuitive as possible. Since our process is a bit unique, many of our customers were emailing us, asking how it works. We decided to create a video to explain our process, and we hired a popular firm to produce it.

It took months, and the end result wasn’t something we felt comfortable sharing. This inspired our design lead to take a shot at producing our first video. He created the video that’s currently on our home page over the weekend, and we went live with it right away. Immediately, we saw a reduction in questions about our ordering process and a lift in conversion. That experience convinced us to use video to explain as much as possible.

“Immediately, we saw a reduction in questions about our ordering process and a lift in conversion.”

Which Wistia feature do you use the most?

Our favorite Wistia feature is the quality player, which seamlessly integrates with our site and helps us retain our traffic. We’re always surprised to see other sites embedding a YouTube player that attempts to drag visitors off their site and onto YouTube.

What has been your most successful video this year?

Our transfer stickers video played a major role in helping us bring this new product to market:

As for metrics, we mainly look at average engagement and play rate.

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