Introducing Wistia's Newest Feature: Privacy Mode

You shouldn't have to choose between your viewers' privacy and collecting meaningful data about how your videos are performing. That's why we're excited to share with you our new feature, Privacy Mode.

When your account is in Privacy Mode, you'll be able to collect to all the same viewer data as before, except IP addresses will be anonymized and cookie tracking disabled. You'll still get heatmaps, engagement graphs, and all your other favorite stats, with the exception of visitor tracking. Each video view will appear as if it's from a new unique visitor when this setting is turned on.

If you're the owner of your account, you can easily enable Privacy Mode by default for all of your videos with a single click in your Account Settings! Just like that, and you're ready to roll.

Opt-In or opt-out

If you're using Privacy Mode, you can still have visitors opt-in for more detailed tracking using the API. We've seen customers connect this to the cookie opt-in banners on their sites, for example.

And if you don't use Privacy Mode by default, you can elect to have your viewers opt-out of cookie-based tracking by enabling Privacy Mode for a visitor via the API as well.

Jump on the bandwagon

Privacy is super important to us and we know it is to you, too. We're really excited about Privacy Mode and hope that many other video providers offer something similar soon! Fingers crossed.

GDPR and data privacy

Privacy Mode isn't strictly a necessity for your video marketing to be GDPR compliant, but it's a helpful tool in minimizing the data you collect about individual visitors and users.

If you have questions about GDPR compliance with video, check out our guide to GDPR and Data Privacy.

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