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Featured : Strategy

3 Ways to Leverage Context and Create Impactful Video Experiences

Through a lot of trial and error, we've learned that you can leverage the relationship between a video and its context to make seamless experiences and compel...
by Andrew Capland - October 20, 2016 -
Featured : Strategy

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Have an Autoplaying Homepage Video

Video can be a wonderful addition to your website design and marketing, but like all creative page elements, the context in which it is deployed is critical. In...
by Phil Nottingham - October 18, 2016 -
Featured : Strategy

Why Every Customer-Facing Employee Needs a Video Email Signature

Customer-facing employees should start thinking about a video email signature in the same way that they view Wi-Fi access at work—it's not a luxury, but a...
by Margot da Cunha - October 13, 2016 -
Featured : Strategy

How to Add Video into Your Content Strategy

Video content can fit into what you already have planned, help you create lasting connections with your audience, and move your metrics up and to the right. In...
by Margot Mazur - October 11, 2016 -
Featured : Strategy

How 3 Companies Use Personalized Videos to Win Trust

Adding video to your sales cycle visually communicates the value in your sales pitch. It humanizes your business by giving a face to your name. Learn how...
by Kristen Craft - October 6, 2016 -
Featured : Strategy

The Color of Your Video Player is Affecting Your Play Rate

We wanted to see what colors Wistia customers were choosing for their video players. We also wanted to see whether these color choices impacted how often viewers...
by Ezra Fishman - October 4, 2016 -
Featured : Product Updates

October Product Update: Faster and More Flexible

It's harvest season in these parts, and we've got a hearty crop of product updates for you in October. Our team is continually looking for ways to improve the...
by Thad Peterson - October 3, 2016 -
Featured : Production

A Foolproof 3-Step Workflow for Bringing on New Clients

I've developed an efficient system to help me spend more time behind a camera and less time sitting at a desk. This is my 3-step workflow that I use to move...
by Ian Servin - September 29, 2016 -
Featured : Strategy

5 Actionable Tips for Improving Emails with Video

Email is still one of the most effective ways for marketers to reach their audiences. Adding video into the mix can improve open and click-through rates and...
by Meryl Ayres - September 27, 2016 -
Featured : Company News

Creating and Learning from Our WistiaFest Code of Conduct

We will be implementing this code before all of our events moving forward, and we'd suggest you do the same! If we communicate to potential attendees that we...
by Danielle Bushrow - September 22, 2016 -
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