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Featured : Production

The Best Way to Shoot a Video by Yourself

Shooting a video by yourself can be tough. Let Trevor show you the easiest and best ways to make the process hassle-free!
by Trevor Holmes - February 21, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

5 Under-the-Radar Conferences for Marketers in 2018

Pack your bags, don your name tags, and get ready to nerd out like the rockstar marketer you are. Here are 5 under-the-radar conferences we're super excited about...
by Jenny Mudarri - February 15, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Why Every Marketer Should Care About the Speed of Their Video Player

The video player you choose—and how quickly it loads—can have a substantial impact on how many people discover your site.
by Jordan Wellin - February 14, 2018 -
Featured : Production

Becoming a Better Presenter: An Interview with Rand Fishkin

Learn how Rand Fishkin, founder and former CEO of Moz, has worked to become the critically acclaimed speaker he is today.
by Jenny Mudarri - February 13, 2018 -
Featured : Production

Bringing the Right Energy to Your Videos

Nail your next on-screen performance by making sure your energy levels are just right.
by Brendan Schwartz - February 8, 2018 -
Featured : Production

Introducing the Soapbox Station: A Professional-Quality, Mobile Video Studio

An all-in-one, tabletop video studio that you can assemble on your own? You betcha. Here's how to do it.
by Chris Lavigne - February 7, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Enhancing Your Ad Strategy with Video: An Interview with Larry Kim

Larry Kim, founder of WordStream and MobileMonkey, shares his thoughts on using video ads on social media, some of his own results and learnings, and tips for how...
by Jenny Mudarri - February 6, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Incorporating Video into Your Website Design

Tips for seamlessly incorporating the sleek look of the Wistia player into the layout and design of your website.
by Jordan Wellin - February 1, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Your Videos Should Have Captions—Here's Why

Keep your content relevant, accessible, and compliant by adding captions to your videos. Don't make accessibility an afterthought!
by Jenny Mudarri - January 30, 2018 -
Featured : Strategy

Why Real Estate Agents are Using Presentation Videos

For real estate agents, there’s nothing more important than making and maintaining a strong relationship with a client. Learn how these agents are using video to...
by Dan Mills - January 26, 2018 -
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