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Shooting with a Ring Light

We just added "Shooting with a Ring Light" to the Wistia Learning Center:


It's almost shocking how many questions we've gotten about what ring light we're using, and today, we reveal the answer, at long last: Chris's ring light is the Stellar CEL-R18C 18" Fluorescent Ring Light. You can buy it from DVeStore for $249. But the ring light is a fickle beast.

What are the pros and cons of shooting with a ring light?

The ring light rules!

  • Flattering interview shots with few shadows and minimal wrinkles.
  • Music videos!
  • As a stylistic effect.
  • The ring light is pretty light and easy to move around.

The ring light is the worst!

  • The "halo" effect of the ring light is really bad with glasses.
  • You're limited to shooting through the ring light from behind.
  • It's pretty bright. Staring into the ring light can be hard on the subjects being filmed.

Watch the video to learn more!

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