7 Examples of Engaging B2B Product Videos to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Meisha Bochicchio


More and more consumers are watching product videos before making a purchase. According to Wyzowl’s Marketing Statistics Survey, “96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.”

Product videos are especially important in B2B marketing. They clearly communicate a product’s benefits to managers and stakeholders with purchasing power. But with so many B2B product videos out there, a poorly-executed clip runs the risk of getting lost in the noise.

“96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.”

There’s no one right way to create a product video: humor, cool visuals, storytelling, and even industry thought leaders can all help get your message across. Below, we’ve put together a selection of seven engaging product videos that use these different tactics to communicate their message. No matter what strategies they use, these videos all successfully convey what their product does and what value it can bring to businesses.

1. Adobe: Show what happens without your product

This hilarious ad for the Adobe Marketing Cloud does a fantastic job of conveying the product’s value without boring their audience with a data-heavy sales pitch.

In the video, a sleepy office sees an inexplicable boom in orders and pulls out all the stops to fill them. We don’t want to spoil it, but let’s just say that the numbers aren’t telling the whole story.

Instead of focusing on everything the product can do, this ad takes a different approach: What happens when you don’t use the product? By pushing this idea to its extreme, the video gets the viewer invested in the action. When the punchline hits, and we realize what’s happening, we’re laughing — and primed to see the obvious benefits Adobe Marketing Cloud offers.

Spin your product’s story on its head and look at a world without your product to show precisely how indispensable it really is.

2. Uberflip: Break the rules

As a content experience platform, Uberflip understands how successful product videos and targeted promotions can work.

Because they are in a space where content in king, the company can push industry tropes and created a funny twist in “What the Heck is Uberflip.” In this video, a rep from content marketing platform Uberflip doesn’t just target a single audience. They use several different personas to explain Uberflip’s key features.

The video manages to cover all of their product’s key features, but the switching characters keep it feeling fresh without getting long-winded. It also adds tons of humor as viewers see how the company would explain the product to unexpected audiences, like five-year-olds and grandmas.

Once you’re comfortable with how product videos work, play around with the format, and think outside the box. Any style is up for grabs as long as you can explain your product’s key features.

3. Slack: Show, don’t tell

Slack partnered with production company Sandwich to create their 2014 video “So Yeah, We Tried Slack.” It offers an inside view of what it looks like when a company adopts Slack, featuring Sandwich’s own company and employees.

Sandwich’s video production team becomes a lighthearted case study of how Slack can help businesses communicate. Instead of telling the viewer what the product can do, this video shows Slack’s notable features with the production company itself as a real-life example.

To showcase what your product can do, check with your clients to find out exactly how your product helped them. Who knows, they might agree to sing your praises on camera.

4. Squarespace: Find a star

For this 2015 product video, Squarespace partnered with actor Jeff Bridges. In the video, we see Bridges walk through the forest at night to capture nature sounds for his signature Sleeping Tapes. Then, he sits down, right there in the woods, to put them on his Squarespace website, Dreaming With Jeff.

Rather than having Bridges as a simple spokesperson, the video shows him making both his own tapes and his own website. Seeing Jeff create his website organically showcases Squarespace’s features. This approachable format also gives Bridges room to share his quirky style of humor that fans love him for.

Most companies don’t have the budget for a famous spokesperson. Instead, look for relevant industry thought leaders or influencers that can help you share your brand story.

5. Hootsuite: Mix and match

This animated product video from Hootsuite features a voiceover that explains how some businesses don’t have social media success in clear, straightforward terms. Then, it describes how Hootsuite can help businesses find their footing in the social landscape.

The ad pairs that narration with brightly colored animated graphics that add another layer to the story. The illustrations reinforce the voiceover’s message: If your business isn’t on social media, you’re missing the party.

The video is eye-catching and explosive. It’s hard to look away, and the combination of vivid graphics and the straightforward voiceover keeps the viewer engaged without being overwhelming.

To make a video that’s creative without being too distracting or overwhelming visually, pair a simple voiceover that gets your message across with more playful graphics.

6. Ruby: Tell a story with color

With a strong color palette and carefully crafted sets, Ruby’s product video walks viewers through what the platform does from multiple perspectives: three businesspeople (a plumber, a lawyer, and a real estate agent), their customers, and Ruby’s own receptionists.

Incorporating so many different characters into a video could quickly become confusing. But because the video assigns each businessperson a unique color palette — including for their outfit and their décor — it becomes easy to keep all of the different threads untangled. When the Ruby receptionists are shown working for a specific business, their décor and outfit match the owner’s color palette. This matching helps the viewer connect the dots visually neatly and subtly.

Even on a budget, simple techniques like unified color palettes and backdrops can reinforce your message visually.

7. HubSpot: Keep it simple

HubSpot’s straightforward explainer video is an excellent example of a product video that gets its message across without any frills.

HubSpot follows the most basic rule for creating a compelling B2B product video: Introduce the pain point, and then show how your product can help solve it. The video introduces the problem the customer is facing and then gives a detailed yet simple explanation of how HubSpot can solve it.

HubSpot has multiple product offerings and serves many types of businesses. The company manages to avoid overwhelming viewers with the video by offering a clear breakdown of how the platform works and explains its benefits.

B2B product videos don’t have to be boring

Creating an engaging b2b product video doesn’t mean casting creativity aside. Even simple concepts can cut through the clutter with the right execution. Understand your audience, and take a few tips from the companies above for inspiration for your next product video campaign.

Meisha Bochicchio


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