How to Monetize Your Content with a Video Paywall

Learn the benefits of using a video paywall to monetize your content and how you can get started.

October 5, 2023

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Lisa Marinelli


If you’ve created valuable content for your business, you don’t have to give it away for free! Monetizing your videos with a paywall is a great way to profit from the quality content your business has to offer.

Whether you’re producing educational courses, building a subscription service, or simply wanting to shift toward a paid content strategy, you came to the right place. We’ll show you how to get started with paywalling your videos.

What is paywalled content?

Paywalled content is any type of digital or online content, such as articles, videos, or other forms of media, that’s exclusive to folks who have paid a fee or subscription. The full content is kept behind a “paywall,” a digital barrier that blocks non-subscribers or non-paying users from accessing it.

The benefits of using a video paywall

A video paywall can be a game-changer for several reasons:

Revenue generation

By charging folks for access to your content, you can make your videos another source of revenue that can help support your business.

Audience engagement

Paywalls can attract a more dedicated audience who’s genuinely interested in your content and more likely to engage with your brand.

Community building

You can foster a sense of exclusivity and community among your paying audience. This helps your business connect more deeply with your viewers, encourage conversations, and increase interactions within your community.

Content control

A paywall gives you more control over who can access your content, which can help protect your work from unauthorized distribution.

It’s important to note that careful planning and consideration of your audience’s preferences should go into deciding whether to implement a paywall for your content. Think about how your business will attract and retain subscribers, which pricing model will work best, and how you’ll balance free and paid content to grow your audience.

Choosing a paywall solution

When it comes to using paywalls with your Wistia-hosted videos, you should choose a solution that works best for your website.

The Wistia player has no built-in paywall functionality or integrations with paywall services. That means there’s no distinction between gating access to your videos and gating access to a web page where your videos are embedded.

You should look at paywall solutions that integrate with platforms where you can embed Wistia videos.


WordPress is one of the most common platforms our customers use to build their sites and embed videos. If you use WordPress, we recommend MemberMouse as a paywall solution because it comes with a WordPress plugin.

With MemberMouse, you can easily password protect pages with videos and manage free and paid memberships for your content.


Cleeng is another paywall solution and subscription management tool. Cleeng advises against integrating it with website building sites like WordPress, but you can implement it with Application Programming Interface (API).


InPlayer is another complete and flexible paywall platform you can use to monetize your Wistia videos. They support live and on-demand videos and will handle all the registrations.

Start driving more revenue with your videos

If you’re making valuable content, why don’t you try putting up a paywall to make money from your videos? Your audience might be more loyal than you think!

October 5, 2023

Topic tags

Lisa Marinelli


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