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Alyce Currier


We just added “Weekly Videos with Moz” to the Wistia Learning Center:

Video isn’t something you should do once and then be done with. As we covered on in our Make 5 Videos, Not 1 video, you need to be able to make videos over and over again. This can be intimidating, so we invited our friend Rand Fishkin to talk about how Moz creates excellent video every week for their Whiteboard Friday series.

Remove Creative Barriers

Placing constraints on yourself means you don’t have to make big decisions about every video, every time. Every Whiteboard Friday takes the same format: a Moz-er or a featured guest who stands in front of a whiteboard. Remove creative decisions makes it easier to focus on the content!

No Scripting

Scripting is hard work (although we do encourage it for certain types of videos!), so Moz doesn’t script Whiteboard Friday (instead using a set of talking points). While it can lead to some “ums” and “uhs,” it also makes for a more authentic performance.

Minimal Editing

Every Whiteboard Friday is filmed in one take, which makes editing super simple and straightforward. You can always start over and film it again if you really mess up.

Easy Filming Setup

Moz turned a conference room into a makeshift studio for Whiteboard Friday, which removes setup time and maintains aesthetic consistency throughout the video series.

Routine Scheduling

Whiteboard Friday happens the same day every week, so the audience knows it’s coming and loves that consistency. Moz keeps a master list of content ideas, sees what’s being talked about most, and attacks that topic that week.

Have you produced a video series? What creative bottlenecks have you removed to make it easier to create video consistently?

Watch the video in the Wistia Learning Center!

Alyce Currier


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