Wistia vs. Vidyard: Which is better for my business?

Which is better: Vidyard or Wistia? Both video platforms can help you grow your business, but with a slightly different focus. Here’s a head-to-head comparison!

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Wistia and Vidyard are both video platforms that come with a ton of great features for sales and marketing teams looking to create videos and share them with their prospects. But, the biggest difference is the product focus and how each company approaches using video.

Vidyard’s primary focus is integrating video with the sales process.

Our focus at Wistia is to build the world’s best end-to-end video marketing platform. Wistia helps marketers create, host, distribute, and analyze their videos.

And at Wistia, video makes its way into every aspect of our culture and our brand. Let’s explore the main differences between Wistia and Vidyard and why we believe we’re the best platform for your video marketing strategy.

Why Wistia is better for marketing ROI

There are some features we have at Wistia that you don’t get with Vidyard. Here are a few:

Our features

Every product and feature we have is built by marketers, for marketers. While sales video and internal communications video are vital at every company, we’re all in on the power of video when it comes to marketing for your business.

Live video

Wistia Live is a complete solution for webinar hosting and distribution. We help you streamline the webinar process so that you can focus on strategy and growing an audience.

Wistia Channels

Embed a video library on any page of your website with Wistia Channels and ensure every video ranks in Google search. That’s video hosting done right.


Wistia Podcasting allows you to embed and distribute audio content. Video and podcasts are better, together!

Our business model

What really differentiates Wistia from Vidyard is how we approach our business.

Wistia is a profitable, privately owned company. Our co-founders Chris and Brendan, who started Wistia from Brendan’s living room back in 2006, steer the ship. So, we don’t have investors to please by hitting arbitrary targets.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and user reviews as well. Check out what customers are saying on G2, TrustRadius, and Capterra, or your preferred review site!

We lead with our product

We make big bets for the long term that really deliver for our customers. What this translates to is rapid, continuous improvement of the Wistia product.

That’s how we’ve been able to:

  • Make Wistia’s video player the lightest, fastest, and most responsive on the web, with an embed code that is SEO-optimized.
  • Continuously improve our video editing and live video features.
  • Optimize our Turnstile email collector form for conversion, with average conversion rates for email gates of 31%, across our entire customer base in 2022.
  • Prioritize a delightful user experience that allows your entire team to collaborate on video creation, distribution, and measurement.

We think that sounds pretty darn great! And we’re excited to keep building on our all-in-one video platform for marketers.

How the video sharing platforms compare

Now, here’s a comparison of some key similarities between the two video platforms. Let’s compare Vidyard vs Wistia!

Video recording

With both platforms, you can easily make a video recording of yourself and share it with prospects and customers, or embed it on your site. Wistia’s recording feature, Soapbox, is an amazing tool to create videos to support all your marketing activities, with built-in features to advance your video marketing.

Lead generation

Wistia and Vidyard both have lead capture forms that help you collect emails and CTAs that provide viewers with recommended next steps, right from the video.

You can integrate with marketing automation platforms like HubSpot with both Wistia and Vidyard. These connections allow you to automatically sync important viewing data from the video platform to marketing automation and CRM tools.

Which is better, Vidyard or Wistia?

If you want to compare Wistia and Vidyard, try both out and see which company and product do the most for your business!

If you’re a marketing team looking to harness the magical power of video marketing, Wistia can give you access to exclusive features like live video events and webinars, channels, podcasting, and the most powerful video hosting and embed capabilities on the market.

Try out all the Wistia features for free - No credit card details are required!

If you want to try out both platforms, have your credit card ready for Vidyard and be ready to kill some time signing up.

If you’re looking to try out Wistia, it’s just a few clicks. You can sign up for a free Wistia trial in seconds, no credit card is required. Get access to all of our premium features and see how they work with your team.

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Austin Canary


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