Wistia’s Partner Program: How to Get Started Today

We’ve launched a new Wistia Partner Program to get your fellow marketers into the video marketing game — and make some money while you’re at it. Become a Wistia partner today!

May 1, 2023

Chiara Hoogervorst


We’ve made changes to our Agency Partner Program! Now, when you become a partner, you can earn 20% of the first year revenue for all customers you refer. Learn more about how you can become a Wistia partner.

We’ve got an affiliate program that gives you a 20% cut of the first-year revenue from any customer you refer to us. Yup, 20%. That means you could earn up to $958 for every person you send our way.

So not only will you be introducing your fellow marketers to a video platform that helps them generate and convert leads, but you’ll also be padding your wallet a bit. Talk about a win-win situation!

Interested? Read on for all the deets.

How our referral program works

Joining our Partner Program and sending folks our way is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Sign up as a partner

Fill out the free application form. If your application looks good, we’ll approve it and send you an email with all the info you need to get started. You’ll also get access to our referral dashboard and your very own affiliate link.

With your unique URL, you can invite folks to try Wistia for free for 14 whole days. Spread the word far and wide, whether it’s through your website, blog, email, social media, or even an old-fashioned handwritten letter.

3. Get paid

If your referrals love Wistia so much that they sign up for a paid account, you’ll earn a 20% cut of every transaction for the first year they’re a Wistia customer. That’s right: passive income at its finest!

  • If your referral signs up for a Plus Plan, you’ll earn up to $58 during the first year
  • If your referral signs up for a Pro Plan, you’ll earn up to $238 during the first year
  • If your referral signs up for an Advanced Plan, you’ll earn up to $958 during the first year

Your referrals can choose to subscribe on a monthly basis or pay for the entire year upfront. If they pick the monthly option, you’ll get a share of their payment by the 15th of each month. If they choose the annual plan, you’ll get a one-time payment.

Want to learn more about Wistia’s Partner Program? You’re in luck. We recently held a webinar where we dove deeper into the program’s structure, showed how we can help your referred customers succeed with video, and revealed all the amazing benefits of being a Wistia partner. Grab some popcorn and watch it on demand!

For more information about how our affiliate marketing program works, check out the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

Are you a great partner fit?

Anyone can sign up for Wistia’s Partner Program, but you stand a chance of raking in the big bucks if:

You’re a marketer

We designed this customer referral program specifically with marketers in mind, so use your industry expertise to refer fellow marketers to Wistia.

You attract marketers

Wistia is a video marketing platform tailored for marketers, so if you have a knack for attracting marketing-minded folks, you could generate referrals left and right.

You love Wistia

Our biggest fans always end up being our most profitable partners. So if you’ve got some love for Wistia, spread the word about how we’ve helped you grow your business.

Resources, training, and support

At Wistia, we’re all about helping our partners succeed every step of the way. We provide training, support, and resources to help you not only run a successful referral campaign, but also grow your business with video.

You’ll get all kinds of expert advice, marketing and sales enablement materials, sneak peeks at new features before they’re released to the general public, invitations to our webinars, and you can always reach out to us for help.

May 1, 2023

Chiara Hoogervorst


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