May Product Update: Playlists, Mobile App, Search, and Stars

Naike Romain


This month’s product update is short and sweet, like a cannoli. If you’re a fan of playlists, our iOS app, or organization within your Wistia account, watch the update and read on. If you’re not a fan of any of those things, then move right along, and have a merry day. But know that you’re missing out on a cannoli.

Better playlists

Our playlist builder is due for a major makeover, and while we’re currently working out how it will look in the future, we’ve released 2 updates to make it easier to work with today.

First off, the API playlist embed is now responsive, so it automatically adjusts to fit different screen sizes. Cue cheering from your design team.

We’ve also added the option to set uniform customizations across videos in a playlist. This means you can choose to make every video in your playlist look and behave the same way, or you can choose to keep the unique settings for each video. It’s up to you!

You can create a playlist out of any Project in your account by heading to Project Actions and selecting Get Playlist.

Mobile app updates

As we learn more from all of you about how you use Wistia on the go, we are updating our iOS app to best suit your needs. To show new users how to use the app, we’ve added an onboarding flow, complete with videos (duh). We’ve also added stats, so you can quickly check the performance of your videos in-app. FYI: the app is still only available to account owners and managers, but stay tuned for updates.

Favorite projects

There are a variety of ways to organize your video library within Wistia, and everyone’s got their own priorities. Even within the same company, a marketer may want to pay attention to different projects than a video producer.

In order to make it easy for everyone on your team to quickly find their go-to content, we introduced the ability to favorite projects. Now, each member of your team can apply stars to the projects that are most important to them. When your teammates return to your account, they can use a new view to show only their favorite projects.

You can turn this on in Account > Settings > Beta Features for everyone in your account.

Search improvements

We’ve also made it much easier to locate the medias that may not have made it into your favorites. Our new search helps you get to your content faster by including captions and descriptions. Search results will also be grouped by medias, projects, and contacts, so you can easily drill into the right grouping and find what you’re looking for.

This updated search functionality can be enabled by heading into your account under Settings > Beta Features!


In a little over a week, hundreds of business video lovers are gathering in Boston for everyone’s favorite ’Fest, and it isn’t too late to get your ticket! There will be forward-thinking experts giving keynotes, breakout sessions full of actionable advice, and of course, some exciting product updates.

Stay tuned and see you in July!

Naike Romain


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