October Product Update: Faster and More Flexible

Thad Peterson


It’s harvest season in these parts, and we’ve got a hearty crop of product updates for you in October.

Faster load times

Our team is continually looking for ways to improve the load times for your videos. When we released Vulcan in June, we were obsessed with making it as light as possible, to reduce its load time on the page.

This month, we made an exciting change to the way that the Vulcan player loads, and as a result, it’s 50% faster – an upgrade from super fast to insanely fast! Like a cheetah who’s late for class.

More detail on browser tabs

We know that sometimes folks end up with a bunch of browser tabs open to compare stats from different videos. Before now, it wasn’t always easy to tell one tab from another.

Last month, we added some more information to the page titles to help you keep things straight when viewing stats for projects or individual videos.

Distinct tabs for everyone!

Setting controls in Vulcan

Player controls allow your viewers to tailor their viewing experiences. With a recent change, we made it a little easier to customize which options you provide.

Now, can now decide if you want to provide playback speed or video quality options separate from one another. You’ll find these new options in the Controls section of the Customize panel.

Chaptering updates

Chaptering has been in beta for a few weeks now. We were curious what you all thought, so we gathered a ton of feedback and made some updates:

  • You can make your chapters visible when your video is loaded by selecting “controls visible on load” within Customize.
  • For videos with long lists of chapters, we’ve added the ability to scroll through them, so viewers can easily see all chapters.
  • While in Customize, you can click on the playbar to set chapters.

We’ll be back next month with another update. Have a great October!

Thad Peterson


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