Product Spotlight: See What’s New in Wistia [May 2023]

This month, we’ve got the spotlight on our new AI features, major updates to transcriptions and closed captions, automated email confirmation reminders for your live events, a new YouTube integration, and lots more!

May 31, 2023

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Jean Merlain


We’ve been busy bees this month rolling out a fresh batch of Wistia features and improvements to amp up your video experience. We’re stoked to share our brand new artificial intelligence (AI) tools, YouTube integration upgrades, and everything else we’ve cooked up.

Let’s jump right in and see what’s hot off the grill!

AI-generated event descriptions

Let’s kick off with a game changer: AI-generated event descriptions. Say goodbye to the chore of writing engaging descriptions for your webinar events, because now you can delegate this task to our new AI tool that’s available in Wistia Live! Simply summarize your event, select your brand voice, and let the tool generate a friendly, witty, or even professional description of your live event. You’ll save time and effort while getting a catchy description that hooks your audience.

AI-powered video highlights

We rolled out another game changer this month: AI-powered video highlights (told ya we’ve been busy bees!) This feature is your time-saving partner for finding the most compelling moments in your videos. It isolates the highlights of your videos and places them directly onto an editing timeline. Trim and share the best parts of your webinars on social media or your website without wasting time scrolling through the footage. Wistia does the heavy lifting for you!

Get Inspired
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Automated confirmation and reminder emails for your live events

When it comes to keeping your audience hooked and making sure they never miss out on any of your events, consistency and timely communication are absolute must-haves. That’s why we’ve incorporated automated confirmation and reminder emails into Wistia Live. For every event you schedule, Wistia automatically sends your registrants reminder emails — complete with your brand logo and event assets — to gently nudge them about the event before you go live.

And if you want, you can send a friendly follow-up email to your attendees to thank them for attending your event.

Duplicate media

We’ve made it super easy to copy and move your media within your Wistia account. Now you can duplicate a video in the same Project or move and copy it to a different section within the same Project. We’re all about making your experience seamless!

YouTube integration

We understand the importance of having all your videos in one place. With our upgraded YouTube integration, you can now import videos from your YouTube account into Wistia using the same integration that lets you publish to YouTube. Simply select “Import from YouTube” under “New” in the Content Library (or within a Project) and then log in to your YouTube account. And voila — you’re ready to start importing!

Improved captions and transcripts

We’ve made some major improvements to captions & transcripts.

Now you can easily upload, order, view, and manage video transcripts right from the media overview page. And time-coded transcripts are now the universal way to display both captions and transcripts for your media, making it easier than ever to follow along with your video. All you need to do is click on any section of the transcript to jump to that specific point in the video.

And that’s not all — we’ve also made it easier to ensure accessibility for all your videos. If you have a transcript, you automatically have captions! Both are managed together as one. You can even adjust your settings to generate free automated transcripts (and captions!) for every new video that gets uploaded to Wistia.

Action Item
Still encountering costs for automated transcripts? Find out how you can switch from your legacy plan for a better experience.

SEO for iFrame embeds

In our mission to help your content reach a wider audience, we’ve updated our robots for Wistia video players to include “indexifembedded.” This change allows Google to index the content of a page if the Wistia player is embedded in another page through iFrames, thereby enhancing your SEO efforts.

Analytics + tags

When we introduced tagging a few months ago, we received feedback from users like you requesting more tag-related video insights. Well, we heard you all loud and clear! We added a filter option to the analytics overview page, giving you complete control of your video data. Now you can easily filter your analytics with custom tags created in your Wistia account.

That wraps up our May updates!

We hope you’re just as eager to try these new features as we were thrilled to develop them! These additions will help streamline your processes, boost your content’s appeal, and increase your audience engagement.

May 31, 2023

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Jean Merlain


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